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Resources & Collections

The National Archives has a membership fee of $10.00 per annum. You must be a member to have access to view the National Archives Collections with the approval of the Archivist.

Accessing National Archives Collections
To access the National Archives of the Cook Islands Collections, you must fill out our Access Form first and outline the purpose of your research. Whether you are asking to research on photographs, genealogy, newspaper etc. It is to the discretion of the Archivist to consider approval or not, to have access to National Archives Collections.
• Files – containing hand written or type writing pages.
• Audio Visual – obsolete moving images and sound recordings.
• Photographs – still images of slides, photos, negatives.
• DVD’s – moving images.
• CD’s – sound recordings.
• Volumes – original form of hand written books and typed versions.
• Electronic documents – microfilmed and scanned documents.
• Microfilms – Filmed still images
• Newspaper –
• Special Collections – Hand written books and documents from 1898 to 1960’s.
• Private Collections – Collections deposited to the National Archives by members of the public
• Restricted Collections – Collections restricted to certain viewers only.
• Governmental Collections – Collections deposited at the National Archives by Government Department or Agencies.

Rules of handling National Archives Collections
• No food and drinks allowed when handling collections
• Handle collections with proper care at all times.
• No cameras and mobile phone shots allowed when viewing collections.
• You must abide and follow National Archives procedures when requesting to research collections.

Archives Repository Room
The National Archives has 3 Repository Rooms. It is specified as rooms for storing collections for safekeeping purposes.