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The Magic of Rarotonga

Are you looking for seclusion, travel and leisure this summer? Knowing of this staggeringly beautiful place will definitely help you decide where to plant your umbrellas in the sand.

Rarotonga is nestled in the coastal land of Cook Islands located on Central Southern Pacific Ocean with lush green farmland and thickly forested mountainous interior and surrounded by a mesmerizing lagoon.

Rarotonga stands over 14,750 feet (4,500 meters) above the ocean floor. It is 32 km in circumference and has an area of 67.19 km2 with a population of 10,572. At Rarotonga, there are no traffic lights, no McDonalds , the beating heart of this little paradise possesses the magic to capture the true spirit of adventure inside of you. The beautiful island is encircled by halo of flame orange coral reefs and Rarotonga’s blue lagoon is flawlessly trimmed by white beaches.

Walking on the white sand for hours along with calm rippling waters and listening to the silent splendor of this island will definitely make you fall in love with this place. This sapphire blue lagoon beach is inevitable and has become one the favourite places of the tourists. The aquatic playground of snorkelling Muri Beach is perfect for swimming along with other water sports like kayaking, wind surfing, kite surfing, sailing and glass-bottomed boat ride.

Rarotonga’s land is blended with the hues of horizon and sea has preserved history in its calm brooding peaks. The place is filled with plenty of monuments to explore and one can be fascinated by the laid back lifestyle of the warm locals. Once you have recharged yourself with the calm spirit of this beauty, you can entertain yourself by the cosmopolitan blend of western influence and ancient heritage in the splendour ceremonies, traditional customs and feasting of Rarotonga. While you are at it, do not forget to enjoy the delectable tropical fish and freshly baked coconut buns.

Spending nights at Rarotonga is not an issue for the visitors as this place has many outclass options for the tourists with a choice of all the budgets – from family villas to luxurious five star hotel treats. . Te Vakaroa Villas is an incredible accommodation at this remarkable location. The pool and spa area is great for a relaxing day in the sun with giant lounges to relax on. The location of the villas is perfect with the lavish sails restaurant where night markets and food places are just steps away. They also have your choice of lagoon cruises, buggy tours, and four wheeler tours very close by.

Right at the heart of Muri lagoon, Muri Beach Hotels are fully equipped with 24 hour service to cater each whim of its customers. Cook Islands always enjoy a warm and sunny climate all year round, so it’s always a good time to give yourself a treat by visiting this place.

Get yourself a chance to visit this island where you can surely find treasure around every corner. Once you are there, no matter what you want to do or where you are, the entire island is all yours to enjoy full at heart. This place is best to celebrate some cherishable moments like birthdays and anniversaries or may be just you can give yourself a chance to rekindle romance with these breath-taking scenic beauty of this little paradise on this planet.