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Hirage of the Auditoruim

Please download our PDF and pass onto anyone they want want to use our facility


1.1 All arrangements must first be approved by the Manager of the Auditorium
This includes accepting and confirming bookings, personnel, security and other arrangements.
1.2 The aim is to protect the properties and equipment of and within the National Auditorium as well as public safety.
1.3 In the absence of the Manager, the ‘Acting Manager’ will be responsible
1.4 A ‘1st Come – 1st Serve’ position will be adopted when booking events
1.5 However, in the case of Emergency Government Functions and Events, these will take precedence over any other events and the Management will make every effort to re-address and accommodate private hirers.
1.6 The Management will undertake to ensure very minimal disruptions to bookings
1.7.1 Hirer enquires with Auditorium Venue Management – details are logged
1.7.2 Hirer provides Proposed Programme of Event and fills out Event Hire Form (EH Form)
will all details of event – MUST BE ACCURATE !!
1.7.3 Management Costs the Event from the EH Form details
1.7.4 Hirer issues Deposit Payment
1.7.5 Management and Hirer complete EH Form and sign off for confirmation

* NB: No booking will be confirmed without completion of this procedure
1.8 Charges will be adjusted for events that have gone over the time initially confirmed on the EH Form
1.9 Final Payment must be issued no later than five (5) working days after completion of Event – unless alternative arrangements are made with the Auditorium Management
1.10 All Charges for Main Events, start and end 1hour before Actual Times – to account for Venue and Staff having to start 1hour before actual event starting time and finishing 1 hour after event finishing time ie. for main and sports events a minimum of 3 hours will be charged.
1.11 All Rates are VAT exclusive: ie. to be charged on top of published rates
1.12 CARPET – All charges for carpet setup, removal and also steam cleaning for catering events will be charged to the Hirer if any of these apply to the event.

Removal = $100, Setup = $100, Steam Cleaning = $1000 ( for inside receptions)
1.13 The cost of disposal of rubbish and garbage generated by each event will also be
borne by the Hirer of the venue

Rates are:
a) $60 for one rubbish bin hire & disposal – some events require two bins
b) $30 per day for low audience, medium to long term events
1.14 LIQUOR – Sale of liquor (by any means: cash, cheques, coupons, etc.) must first have
a letter of approval from the Liquor Licensing Board – Hirer must provide a copy for the
venue Management

We can also host weddings under our domes have a look