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Battle of the Drums

Tangi Ka’ara (Battle of the Drums) in an event that showcases the drums of our fore-fathers and the creativity performed by each drumming group. The Tangi Kaara is competed by 3 Sections: Primary, Secondary and Seniors.

The Primary & Secondary Competition is called the “CITC PUMP THE BEATS” with PUMP Water being the major sponsor for these 2 categories. Followed by the Tangi Kaara Seniors Competition.

Each drumming group is given a chant which they drum to and the opportunity where each group comes up with their own unique beats.

​Translating as “sounds of the sacred drums”, the Tangi Kaara celebrates the distinctive types of drums and drumming from each of the islands throughout the Cook Islands. This unique event began in 1994 and is partially a revival of traditional times when the sound of drum signified a message, or calling for the tribe to come together.

​Likened to a “symphony of drums” the Tangi Kaara includes the sounds from the Ka’ara, small and large pate (Southern Group), pau mango (Aitutaki), puapua ina’no (shark skin drums from the Northern Group), cabin bread tin, accompanied by the tunes of the bamboo and noseflute.