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The National Library – Runanga Puka holds valuable information for the people of the Cook Islands and those who seek evidence as prove of our culture and identity. The National Library has a role to collect and preserve the national collection of the Cook Islands and at the same time makes it accessible to the world.

What is the national collection and what has the National Library have to offer? Our culture, history and identity have been recorded or written in book form by many.

Both Cook Islanders and non Cook Islanders who wrote and did research about our country since the 1800s made it possible for our generation today to read about our history, culture and identity. An example of valuable information available is about the Avarua Primary school, who will be celebrationg their 100th anniversary later on this year. In the book by Gilson (edited by Ron. Crocombe) titled “The Cook Islands 1820-1950”, Gilson recorded facts on the school of when it was established, when it was opened, the number of school roles, who were teaching at the school etc…The author has helped us to understand and to appreciate the relevant information written about the history of one of our primary schools.

The availability of this book and many others written about our country becomes our National Collection. It is our hope to look after them for our children now and the future generations to come. Our National Library – Runanga Puka holds many more books and will continue to collect them to build our national collection. This is our History, this is our Identity, this is our Culture, this is our Heritage. People of the Cook Islands, your stories have been told and can be accessed. This is what our National Library has to offer.

Come and visit us at the Tauranga Vananga – Ministry of Cultural Development in Tupapa from Mondays to Fridays (not including Public Holidays) 8am – 4pm and our friendly staff is happy to help you.


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