Cook Islands Cultural and Historic Places Trust

Established through the Cultural and Historic Places Act 1994-95, the Cook Islands Cultural and Historic Places Trust is designed to recognise and acknowledge various sites throughout the country that has an element of historic significance and/or traditional cultural Importance. Cultural and Historical sites in the Cook Islands play a very important part with regard to […]

Blackbirders from Peru

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] During the 1860’s more than 725 Cook Islanders, mostly from the Northern Group, were duped to board ships from Peru with bogus contracts to go and work in South America. Once on board they found themselves as captured slaves and so began a life of absolute misery for many who were forced to work […]

Extinct and Extirpated Birds from Aitutaki and Atiu

Six archaeological sites up to 1000 years old on Aitutaki have yielded bones of 15 species of birds. Five of which are now considered to be extinct. Included here is an article written by David W. Steadman who was part of the 1987 New York State Biological Survey Team which visited Aitutaki and Atiu to […]

Rongomatane Ariki Investiture: Atiu 1956

atiu island

On 9 August 1956, in an interesting blend of traditional Polynesian ritual and Christian ceremony, Tetupu Mataio was proclaimed the new Rongomatane Ariki on Atiu.  In doing so, Tetupu succeeded his uncle, Rongomatane Maka Kea Ariki. Tetupu was highly regarded as a leader and as a man and had held the Rongomatane Ariki Title since […]