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TUATUA ʼAKAKITE Te ʼakakite ʼia ātu nei ki te kātoatoa ē ʼe ka tōpiri ʼia to tātou ʼAre Karioi Nui ʼē pērā te nga Tāupe tiaorangi o to tātou Tauranga Vānanga. Ka akamata teia i te Ru’itoru rā 5 o ʼAukute nei ʼē tae ʼuātu ki te marama Tītema i teia mataᶦiti, ta’i mano rua […]

Hirage of the Auditoruim

Download Auditorium Hire Information124 KB Please download our PDF and pass onto anyone they want want to use our facility RULES & CONDITIONS OF HIRE 1.1 All arrangements must first be approved by the Manager of the AuditoriumThis includes accepting and confirming bookings, personnel, security and other arrangements.1.2 The aim is to protect the properties […]

MOCD held its first ‘Emergency’ contingency meeting for Te Maeva Nui

The Ministry of Cultural Development held its first ‘Emergency’ contingency meeting Friday 01 June with Agencies participating in Te Maeva Nui 2018.  Present were representatives from the Ministry of Health; CIIC; BTIB; Police; Education; Environment; Avarua School and MoCD Management Staff. The Secretary Anthony Turua was very happy at the attendance.  Te Maeva Nui is […]

Tangi Kaara (Drumming Competition) 2015

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today the Tangi Kaara, drumming competition was held at the National Auditorium with the total of 5 teams:  Manihiki, Rakahanga, Tupapa Maraenenga, Mitiaro and Puaikura.  The main sponsor for this event was the Bond Store.  A huge number of spectators and supporters were present to witness this competition.  The drumming competition was split into two categories […]

Te Mire ‘Atu 2016

A true display of Cook Islands culture took place on Thursday night as ten bold contestants competed in the annual National Mire ‘Atu competition here at the National Auditorium. Over three hundred people gathered to witness history in the making and to enjoy the amazing talent and composition skills, that of our local artists. National […]

Tiare Festival Comes to Life in Rarotonga

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The beautiful weather in the Cook Islands is complimented by its blooming flowers this season, adding to the stunning landscape of Rarotonga and enriching its flora and fauna. In recognising the blossom, abundance and beauty of our local tiare fragrance throughout the season, the Ministry of Cultural Development is staging the annual Mire Tiare event […]